Bushrod is an emerging artist/musician/vocalist interested in electronic music production, music video production, online radio programming, and artistic collaboration. Bushrod produces and develops online radio programming to which he refers to as the Triple E (Eclectic, Expansive, and Exponential) listening experience. It targets artist, listener supporters,  Bushrod music aficionados, and entertainers who are independent or managed. BushrodMusic RADIO is the latest endeavor in support of this initiative.


See my press release kit for more recent details about my present artistic endeavors or write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






Bushrod has been producing music since 2012, and has created numerous original productions which are currently archived and/or posted on online via several media platforms.

These productions are typically available for free streaming and download. Bushrod continues to develop and expand production efforts with live vocals and brass instrumentation





Bushrod's compelling interest in music began at an early age during his formative years. That interest resulted in participation in organized school sponsored bands from middle school, thru and up to, the collegiate level as a trumpet player. Bushrod continues augment his electronic and digital music productions with live and recorded trumpet instrumentation.